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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:17 PM EDT

Talks Fail, Sessions Resume In National Assembly Today On Electoral Reforms

PoliticsThe dialog between the Deputies of the various political parties in the National Assembly over the issue of electoral reforms have not reached any agreement, after two days of meetings. Deputy Rogelio Paredes from the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), said "there is no white smoke, nor will there be." Paredes said there are very strong positions on all sides that do not allow for the talks to advance. He added that at least, the PRD is not willing to negotiate, but they agreed to join the committee to see the options. The PRD members have not signed a single one of the amendments proposed, because they do not agree with this project, especially because it is not approved by the Electoral Tribunal, who are those that regulate the subject that seeks to modify. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: The PRD is dug in and against these reforms to the Electoral Code. These changes would un-do the unfair advantages installed in the system by the PRD when they were in charge of the country (2004 - 2009). Also, both the Electoral Tribunal and this Telemetro news outlet are staunch PRD supporters, so they will defend whatever position the PRD takes. As far as the talks are concerned, everyone knew going in it was nothing but a waste of time, and now regular sessions will resume in the National Assembly today. The CD has the votes, and this was just one more delay to the inevitable end result. The CD will pass these electoral reforms, come hell or high water.

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