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Monday, May 27 2019 @ 12:03 PM UTC

ANATI Will Set Land Prices For Coastal Areas

CorruptionThe draft bill being written by the Director of the National Authority of Land Management (ANATI) contains a new sliding scale that would govern when someone wants to obtain title on island land, or near beaches or the coast. According to the proposal, which will be discussed today by the National Land Council, a land owner in San Carlos would have to pay $375,000 per hectare to the Treasury in order to obtain title. To get a title on Isla Colon in the province of Bocas del Toro, anyone who has rights of possession would have to pay $700,000 per hectare. This would replace the existing provision in current law, that allows the government to grant a title for free on island or coastal lands for parcels up to 50,000 square hectares. According to the Director of ANATI, Franklin Oduber, these changes would put an end to speculation.

Lands Continue To Be In The Name Of The Nation - Amid the uncertainty, today marks two months since the government announced the expropriation of 54.3 hectares in John Hombrón that were titled for free in a fast award processes and given to corporations by the former Director of Titling Anabelle Villamonte. In the history of the farms in the Public Registry, there are "marginals" placed against these properties were it reads "partial expropriation," while in the Land Registry a marginal makes reference to the "decree" of the expropriation of farms, although still no evidence that the farms have been taken over by the Nation. The former Minister of the Presidency Demetrio Papadimitriu said parents should decide whether they fight or not such properties. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: This is another strong indication that both Papadimitriu and Oduber have leverage against Ricardo Martinelli. Unbelievably, Papadimitriu is indicating he might try to "fight" for these properties which were clearly obtained through the use of fraud, graft, corruption, and abuse of office and power and authority. While Oduber feels confident enough to try to put forward this proposal which would make him the "Land God Of Panama" for the next seven years, and he could only be removed by the Supreme Court. Obviously, none of these things will be acceptable to the Panamanian public. Martinelli's political opponents are just now starting to wake up to the smorgasbord of the bullshit buffet laid before them, as they head into the 2014 election cycle. Just yesterday Telemetro (PRD biased) television channel started reporting on yet another ANATI land fraud case, this time in Lake Bayano, in which Panama's Ambassador to Honduras is involved. And although the Ambassador is denying his involvement, he signed all of the documents. The CD has been able to "bury" both the Paitilla and Juan Hombron land scandals, but Punta Chame and Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui and Colon and now Lake Bayano are just getting started. The ANATI does not need more power, nor is there a need to change the law. There is a need to ENFORCE existing laws. The President should order and immediate AUDIT of the ANATI, to be conducted by the Public Ministry and the Comptroller. But, if they fail to do that, and if they decide instead to try to push forward this package of bullshit ANATI reforms in an attempt to cover up their crimes, then the opposition PRD and Panameńistas will literally eat their lunch in the polls in 2014. So - there's my prediction. If the CD passes these ANATI reforms, and if they fail to clean this mess up (right now), then they will lose in a big way in 2014.

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ANATI Will Set Land Prices For Coastal Areas | 2 comments | Create New Account
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ANATI Will Set Land Prices For Coastal Areas
Authored by: susangg on Wednesday, September 12 2012 @ 06:00 PM UTC

Actually, Law 80 only permits the first 5 hectares to be titled free. For people wanting to title more than that, Law 80 provides a sliding scale of fees to purchase the title in the islands, ranging from a low of $1,000 per hectare on some of the outer islands and coastal mainland, to a high of $15,000-$35,000 for certain parts of Isla Colon. Furthermore, the law expressly forbids dividing up ones land into small parcels to get more than the permitted 5 free hectares. This is the law that President Martinelli pushed through, after repealing his predecessor's titling bill...but has refused to enforce (except for a few "well connected" people). This has left hundreds of locals and small scale foreign property owners in Bocas sitting, for up to 3 years on applications for title, even though they meet all the legitimate requirements contained in the law. I guess the government wants titles only to go to crooks and those who are sufficiently $$$"connected"$$$$$....a view apparently shared by The Man Who Would Be (Land) King. And now, they want to make people pay $375,000 (on Isla Colon, at least) to title one hectare? That's like hanging out a sign that says "only big developers of high end "gated communities" need apply" ... And to think, a lot of us thought that President Martinelli would be the guy to end corruption in Panama! And it makes one wonder what will be the fate of all the people who would not be able to title their ROP under the planned new pricing schedule (which would apparently increase the prices more than 1000 per cent)? Law 80 provides that existing possessory rights will be respected. Is that the next guarantee to be on the chopping block? Is the goal to give the government the right to confiscate any property, regardless of whether the occupant has perfected legitimate possessory rights, if someone with better "connections" or more money wants it?

ANATI Will Set Land Prices For Coastal Areas
Authored by: susangg on Thursday, September 13 2012 @ 09:13 PM UTC

Oops, shame on me for reading your story too carelessly. I misspoke, when I said it would cost $375,000 to title on Isla Colon. In fact, what you said was it would cost $700,000 per hectare. Nearly three quarters of a million dollars. That is more than 2000% more than what the current table calls for. Why don't they just round it up to a cool million?