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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 05:02 PM EDT

PRD Files Case Against Galvez In The Supreme Court Over Electoral Reforms

PoliticsLawyers representing the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) presented a complaint before the Supreme Court against the President of the National Assembly, Sergio Gálvez. They filed the complaint against Gálvez for allegedly exceeding his powers, for crimes against freedom for limiting public demonstrations, and for the omission of his duties for not reporting the presence of assassins in the National Assembly. The First Sub Secretary of the Legal Sector, Mario Velasquez Chismar, said with the recent developments in the National Assembly, with the discussion of electoral reforms, Galvez abused his power, and he made the debates in the National Assembly a private matter, when the mandate of the Constitution is that they must be public. The Legal Sector of the PRD asked the Supreme Court to make Deputy Galvez explain why he did not allow them to enter the National Assembly, and why he used riot control officers of the National Police to film them, and to repress the civilian population. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: The PRD will go to any lengths to stop these electoral reforms from going through and becoming law. This complaint filed with the Supreme Court of course won't go anywhere, because the CD controls the Supreme Court. It's just one more chapter of the "show" in the game that's being played by both sides. There are literally dozens of similar complaints sitting in the Supreme Court, and they never act on any of them. Galvez shut down public access to the National Assembly because protesters tried to enter with irritants, to throw stones, and to create chaos from the public viewing stands. One side does this, the other side does that, and the stupid little political dance continues. None of this changes the bottom line - the CD will pass these electoral reforms, soon. And the PRD will continue to bitch and moan and whine and complain.

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