Still Waiting To See If National Assembly Will Resume Sessions Today

Wednesday, September 12 2012 @ 01:12 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The members of the various blocs are in the National Assembly, waiting for the debate on electoral reforms to resume. Representatives from the various political parties were supposed to meet before the debates started again, to try to reach a consensus, however nothing is known about any meeting. Meanwhile, the President of the National Assembly Sergio Gálvez had said yesterday if there was no consensus by 11:00 am on Wednesday, September 12, then the steamroller of the Democratic Change party would begin the debate.

But at midday today it is still unknown if the members from the various parties are meeting, or whether or not the debate will begin today. It is known that the Deputies from the Democratic Change party are having their own meeting. Both the Panameńistas and the PRD remain firm in their opposition to Bill 508, which amends the Electoral Code. They said they will keep fighting. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Spanish lesson opportunity. The President of the National Assembly has been saying the "planchadora" (steam roller) of the Cambio Democratico party will act on their own, to put these electoral reforms through. However in reality the proper word for a "steamroller" is "apisonadora." Correctly translated, a "planchadora" is a woman who irons for a living. However in this case the President of the National Assembly Sergio Galvez is a relatively humble and uneducated person from Chorrillo, and he's trying to say that the might and weight of the Cambio Democratico voting bloc will crush the opposition, and he's using it in context as if he's trying to say the "steam roller" but in fact he's really misusing the word. He's probably twisting the word "plancha" because they are trying to eliminate the "voto en plancha" (sheet vote) in their reforms of the electoral code. Everyone knows what he means, and they know the just sort of talks that way...

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