Electoral Reform Issue Coming To A Head At The National Assembly

Wednesday, September 12 2012 @ 07:20 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - The Deputies in the National Assembly from the Cambio Democratico political party have finally had enough of the delaying tactics being used by the opposition Deputies from the PRD and the Panameņista parties.

Late this afternoon they voted to invoke two articles in the rules of the National Assembly to block these tactics, in order to be able to take the reforms to the second vote (of three.)

The President of the National Assembly, anticipating problems, protests, and acts of violence, has called upon the National Police to secure the grounds of the National Assembly, and riot control police have been deployed inside the fence.

They are now preventing anyone from either entering or leaving the National Assembly, and the journalists who are there covering the action are reporting they feel "kidnapped."

The opposition Deputy from the Panameņista part Jose Blandon has been lighting up the Twittersphere, blasting away at the actions of his CD colleagues.

According to Blandon, the actions taken by the CD go against the law and the internal rules and regulations that govern the National Assembly, and he says they will file criminal complaints against them.

All of the opposition Deputies who are against the electoral reforms are strongly rejecting the actions of the CD in every possible way they can think of.

But no matter, the CD has the votes, and they are going to jam these reforms through. Don't be surprised if by tomorrow morning we wake up to find out that they have already done both the second and third debates, and passed the reforms. Game, set, and match. No sense in delaying once the political decision has been made.

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