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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 01:58 pm EDT

National Assembly Is Now In "Permanent Session"

Law & LawyersWith 40 votes in favor and 11 against, the government majority approved a motion today to declare the National Assembly in permanent session. The decision means the session will remain open until the proposed electoral reforms are approved in third debate. In the early hours of today's meeting, about 20 members signed up to speak, each having 10 minutes to present their views. Seizing this opportunity, the Deputy from the Panameńista party Jose Luis Varela proposed citing the Minister of Public Works to explain the delays in the construction of the road from Chitre to Divisa, while the PRD's Crispiano Adames introduced a bill to help people with HIV. Another PRD Deputy Iracema de Dale suggested citing the Minister of Education to respond about wages and salary adjustments for teachers, and Yanibel Abrego from the CD party talked about blackouts in Western Panama. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: In addition to declaring themselves in "permanent session," the National Assembly has also adopted the same technical tactics they used yesterday to prevent the opposition lawmakers from continuing to delay the debate. They will be passing this thing within a couple of hours.

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