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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 06:25 PM EDT

Beating Victim - Police Brutality - Files Complaints

Crime & PunishmentDefense lawyers representing the young man who was allegedly beaten severely by about nine police officers last Monday presented a "writ of habeas data" and one of unconstitutionality against Law 74 of the National Police. According to Hector Gonzalez, a lawyer representing Rafael Martinez. they have filed several complaints before the National Police over what happened. "The police are there to protect and serve, not to suppress or mistreat or outrage," he added

Rafael Martinez, who according to his parents was brutally beaten by officers of the National Police last week in Calidonia, spoke on the channel 13 Telemetro morning news broadcast, where he asked the authorities for justice in his case. Martinez, who is a marine engineer, is recovering from the severe beatings, especially on his face. He said he was beaten by the police officers both at his home, then again later at the police headquarters in San Miguel where he was taken. The boy's father asked for impartiality in the case.

Meanwhile, Mara Rivera, a spokeswoman for the National Police, said on Telemetro an official investigation has been opened for this event, which is different from the ordinary investigation that is taking place outside of the institution. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: This kid was brutally beaten. I saw the photos, his face was grotesquely swollen, especially on the right side. The cops beat the hell out of him, and apparently continued to beat him once they had him under arrest, in cuffs, and in the jail cell. Those responsible should be locked up themselves, and fired. Recently the National Police have been having problems with the excessive use of force, and this is just the most recent case. Most importantly, they CANNOT be allowed or trusted to investigate themselves. Because, what they do is cover up, hide the facts, lie to protect, etc. It's a discipline problem, and an indication of a deterioration of professionalism.

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