Interviews For New Electoral Tribunal Judge Start Today

Monday, September 17 2012 @ 11:48 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Starting today, Monday, 17 September 2012 at 2:30 pm, the Supreme Court will start the process of interviewing the candidates who aspire to be a judge on the Electoral Tribunal. Among the candidates are: Giuseppe A. Bonissi C, Guillermo Márquez Amado, Neftalí Jaén, Ernesto Cedeño Alvarado, Wigberto Quintero, Candelario Santana, and Italo Antinori, among others. The current judge on the Electoral Tribunal Gerardo Solis will be leaving the court in November of this year, after ten years of service. (Mi Diario)

Editor's Comment: There are three positions on the Electoral Tribunal. Each one of them is filled by one of the three branches of government - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. In the case of the position filled by Solis, it falls to the Supreme Court to replace him. He is the only judge on the Electoral Tribunal who will be leaving office prior to the next General Election to be held in May 2014. Solis has proven himself, through his actions and words, to be a loyal member of the PRD political party that appointed him. It has been embarrassing to watch his attempts to manipulate the process surrounding Bill 508 on electoral reforms, in favor of the PRD political party. And now of course he will be replaced by someone who is loyal to the CD, so in the end all remains the same, just the faces and the flags they wave change.

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