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Friday, September 20 2019 @ 03:10 pm EDT

CD Will File Complaint Against TE Judge Gerardo Solis

Law & LawyersLawyers for Democratic Change (CD) political party prepared a complaint against the presiding judge of the Electoral Tribunal, Gerardo Solis, for abuse of office and abuse of authority, following the decisions taken against the ruling party. "The actions of the judges is an attack on the institutions of the CD, and its members. They have become an instrument of collective persecution," said the party's secretary general, Alma Cortés.

The party leader said the complaint could be filed against all three judges, because the decisions issued against the CD have been done by all three of them. Cortes, who is also the Labor Minister, added that Solis is not acting as a judge, and rather is seems like he is acting as a member of an opposition political party. The director of the ruling party called the letter sent by the three judges of the Electoral Tribunal to President Martinelli "unfair and untimely", in which they asked him to veto Bill 508, recently passed in the National Assembly which changes the Electoral Code. They say the judges had the opportunity to participate in the discussion and the adoption of the electoral reforms, to submit comments and contributions if they so wished, but they refused, and decided to removed themselves from the debate, which they considered to be irresponsible.

What's more, they said the approval of Bill 508 did not violate any of the rules, principles or constitutional guarantees, nor did they ignore the rights of citizens, and the Assembly complied with the provisions of its Rules of Procedure. On Friday, amid confrontations and disputes, the Assembly adopted the electoral reforms promoted by the ruling CD party, which was rejected by the opposition parties. The modifications include the removal of "voto en plancha" and regulates independent candidates.

Opposition - In hours of yesterday morning, members of the Front for Democracy marched to the Presidency of the Republic, where they delivered a note to the president, which exposed the reasons why he should veto the amendments to the electoral system, considering the disadvantages for the country. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Holy crap! The photo above was taken at the official CD party press conference, to announce the formal complaint they would be filing against the Electoral Tribunal and Gerardo Solis. OK, fine. But look who's hanging onto the back of Alma Cortés' chair with a white-knuckled death like grip, because she knew that was the one place in the room where she was 100% guaranteed to show up in the press photos. That's none other than Maria Cristina Gonzalez - the former Director of Immigration who was summarily fired for corruption - and who is now facing charges in court. It was an amazing blunder by the CD to have her show her face in public anywhere. She did so much corrupt crap while she was in charge of Immigration, it's sad. And now she's the face of the CD. I'm telling you, acts of corruption by their middle and higher ranking officials is going to hamstring them at the polls in 2014. Panamanian voters will be left with trying to decide from among three candidates - all of whom they know to be absolutely corrupt. Great...

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