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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:18 AM UTC

SENAFRONT Arrested Four "Narco Guerrillas" Near Colombian Border

Drug TraffickingPanama's State Border Service (SENAFRONT) captured four alleged Colombian "narco-guerrillas" in an indigenous region near the border with Colombia, said a source today from that agency. SENAFRONT Commissioner, Frank Abrego, said the four so-called "narco-guerrillas" whose names were not revealed, were arrested at the site of Chucurtí, in the indigenous region of Kuna Yala. The head of the Panamanian border police said they seized two packages of dried grass appearing to be marijuana from the four who were captured, as well as military equipment such as clothing, backpacks and ponchos. Abrego said the SENAFRONT agents also spotted a coca plantation measuring about one hectare in size, located about 500 meters from the border on the Colombian side, so they reported the situation to the Colombian authorities. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: Panama is now doing a much better job of getting out there in the bush and chasing down the drug traffickers who frequently use the jungle area in the Darien and the Guna Yala to move drugs. During the years of the administration of Martin Torrijos, they basically left them alone and were afraid to go after them. Martinelli and the SENAFRONT are now much more active in getting out there to hunt them down.

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