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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 11:15 pm EDT

Erasmo Pinilla Makes Allegations Of Extortion

CorruptionThe Electoral Court judge Erasmo Pinilla reported having been the victim of an extortion attempt orchestrated by those related to the government of President Ricardo Martinelli. As stated in the complaint, filed on August 13 in the Eight Circuit Prosecutor's Office, it all began with the firing of the driver Javier Bosso on 23 July 2012, for allegedly accumulating unexcused absences and tardiness. Before the decision of Isaura Gonzalez, the Administrative Director, Bosso said they could not fire him "because he knows a lot of bad things against the judges" and he threatened to report them to the media.

The complaint says Bosso threatened to say that Pinilla put gasoline, property of the Electoral Tribunal, in his son's car, and that he took his brother in law on a trip with him to the Dominican Republic. Pinilla's lawyer, Jose Ceballos, said the car is Pinilla's and he can use the fuel as entitled by law, and that Pinilla's brother in law paid for his trip to the Dominican Republic.

They Promised Him Work - One of the witnesses says in the complaint that Bosso asked him for help to extort Pinilla, and as payment, they would nominate him to a position in the government of Ricardo Martinelli, because "for this I was talking to Luis Eduardo Camacho."

Camacho is the State Secretary of Communication, and he dismissed the importance of the complaint filed by Judge Pinilla. "If Pinilla has a legal problem, he should confront it without blaming anybody," said the official. He clarified that he can't offer government jobs, because he does not have the power to hire anyone. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Ah, there you go. The current President of the Electoral Tribunal Gerardo Solis leaves office in November of this year, and he will be replaced by a CD lapdog. So now they are going after another of the sitting judges, Erasmo Pinilla, on charges of corruption, saying he was stealing gas and paying for relatives to accompany him on international trips. This sounds like the preamble to pull an "Ana Matilde Gomez" routine on Pinilla. Force him out of office, now, well before the 2014 elections. There are only three judges on the Electoral Tribunal, so if they can get two seats, presto chango - they have it all. The Electoral Tribunal is the last important powerful agency which is not under the control of the CD. Apparently, they want to make a "cambio" - democratic or otherwise. Bad news for the dog catcher in Colon - he's a PRD guy, so he's probably next on the list...

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