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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:17 AM UTC

140 Kilos of Cocaine Busted in Coclé

Drug TraffickingA 38 year old man was detained by the Narcotics Department of the National Police, after the execution of "Operation Leña" (firewood) in conjunction with the Anti Drug Prosecutor's Office. This operation was carried out on Wednesday in the community of Rio Hato, in Anton, Cocle, during which 140 kilos of drugs were seized. The goods were in the back of a pick-up truck that was moving towards the interior from the capital of Panama City. Today, the suspect will be presented before the investigating judge to verify the apprehension, to file the charges against him, and to request preventative measures, which due to the severity of the case could be provisional detention. (Mi Diario)

Editor's Comment: Cool. They obviously had this guy under surveillance from the time he left Panama City. But they decided to bust him in the province of Coclé, and as a result he will be tried under the new "accusatory" system which is much, much faster. In Panama City, those detained on drug charges can sit in prison for two years or more, awaiting trial. It looks like under the new system this dude will be done in a few weeks. Light speed, by comparison. And, getting caught red handed with 140 kilos of cocaine in the back of your pickup truck helps to speed things along somewhat.

What's It Worth: I was talking to a guy in La Joya recently who got busted for international drug trafficking. He says a kilo of cocaine in Panama City costs about $4,500 so these 140 kilos have a value - here - of $630,000. But in the United States they can be sold for $26,000 each for a US wholesale value of $3.64 million.

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