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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 12:54 PM UTC

Has ANATI Been Screwing You Over In Panama? File A Criminal Complaint...

Corruption By DON WINNER for - The snowball is starting to pick up some speed, with regards to the rampant corruption at the National Land Authority (ANATI) in the Republic of Panama. First there was the case of the stolen land in Paitilla. Shortly after breaking in the news, the Paitilla scandal was quickly followed by the Juan Hombrón case - in which bogus front companies were established to steal 54 hectares of beachfront property. As a result of these revelations the Minister of the Presidency Jimmy Papadimitriu was forced to resign. President Ricardo Martinelli issued Executive Orders in which he decreed the titles issued on those properties were null and void, and the land would be returned to the state. Yesterday there was a ceremony to initiate the construction on a new park in Paitilla on the land that was going to be stolen.

But then new cases started to emerge. I was the first to report on the Punta Chame scandal - in which the exact same people were involved. The lawyer representing landowners in Punta Chame filed an official and formal criminal complaint, and the Attorney General started an official investigation on 3 August 2012. The La Prensa newspaper has published a series of investigative reports focusing on Punta Chame. But the corruption at the ANATI did not stop in October 2011 when Anabelle Villamonte was forced to resign. It kept going, and it's still going on, right now.

As a result of these reports, my inbox has been literally flooded recently with people saying "hey, me too..." Other victims who have been brutalized by ANATI corruption. Crooks stealing land through corrupt government officials. Meanwhile, the victims have been trying to fight those actions through "traditional" administrative methods. Just today I gave the same advice to two different (new) groups of individuals, different parts of the country, who have had their land taken away from them by the ANATI in an expeditious and corrupt manner. My advice to these people is simple - they need to file CRIMINAL complaints with the Public Ministry and the Attorney General's office, and then let the news media know about what they have done. It makes no sense to complain to the ANATI or to try to file petitions or administrative challenges against the actions they have taken, because they are the very same people who are corrupt and doing the screwing. So, form a congo line, folks. Once you file your criminal complaint, send me a copy. The press can't talk about your case until you've gone on the record, and have filed an official complaint. Once you've filed your complaint, then we can talk about it all day long. The snowball is gaining speed, and it's getting bigger by the minute as more and more people start to get a clue. You can expect all of this to get much bigger, rather than going away. Soon, there will be complaints filed in International courts, and news stories in international media. Bigger. Much, much bigger.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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