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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 03:36 AM EDT

Bus Drivers Protesting - Close Tumba Muerto At Plaza Edison

Protests & DemonstrationsBus drivers from approximately ten routes parked "Red Devil" buses to block Via Ricardo J. Alfaro (Tumba Muerto) in front of the Plaza Edison building this morning, Friday, 21 September 2012, to demand that the process of making payments for their buses resume.

Jhonny Mosquera, a leader for the bus drivers, said they are asking the Minister of Labor and Workforce Development, Alma Cortez, to intervene in this situation. Mosquera asked Cortes to grant them a certificate the union needs to continue the clearing process.

Possible Strike - The carrier leader also said that these pressure measurements are the only way for them to be heard by the authorities. So Mosquera announced to local media if they do not get a positive response to their requests, starting the next Monday, September 24, they will hold work stoppage (strike). The strike would be supported by the ten routes that still need to be compensated, among them Veranillo, Concepción, San Pedro, Torrijos-Carter and Mano de Piedra.

The compensation process was stopped due to a series of investigations being conducted by the Attorney General because of several complaints filed by both the presidency and by the Land Transit and Transportation Authority and some carriers, in order to conduct an audit and check to see if some drivers and officials may have committed crimes and therefore caused an injury to the State.

Riot control officers of the National Police are in the area of the protest. The situation has caused traffic congestion.

Editor's Comment: I just had to go near the area of the protest. Traffic is all screwed up on Tumba Muerto, and surrounding arteries such as Via Transistmica.

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Bus Drivers Protesting - Close Tumba Muerto At Plaza Edison | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Bus Drivers Protesting - Close Tumba Muerto At Plaza Edison
Authored by: Ivan Perez on Friday, September 21 2012 @ 03:41 PM EDT

Congratulations on your reporting. You are doing a fabulous job.....I have one suggestion and that is you keep on translating literally: Red Devils for Diablos Rojos, and that won´t help any gringo that want to learn local lingo or places. Call them Diablos Rojos, as they are known and if you want, explain in English. Onother thing, Tumba Muerto is not the correct name, but Avenida Ricardo J Alfaro.....Sorry I bug you on these nits but it´s for the education of folks who want to learn their way around. Again, keep up the good work. You are the litmus test to all the news I find in the local papers....You are one highly believable gringo.....kudos to you.