Need A Windshield Replaced Or Fixed?

Saturday, September 22 2012 @ 09:16 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - The windshield on my Jeep was cracked, so I wanted to replace it. A friend referred me to Felipe "Philip" Mendoza, who came over to my house today and did the job in about an hour. I called him up last week and told him what I needed, and gave him the make, model, and year of my Jeep. He let me know when he had obtained the replacement windshield, and we coordinated a date to do the replacement installation.

Philip did did a professional job for a very reasonable price. He has experience working in the US and is the son of a US military veteran who served many years in Panama. He also speaks perfect English. He can replace practically any vehicle glass, and he also repairs stone chips before they form cracks. You can contact Philip on his cell phone at 6796-2124.

Update: I just spoke to Philip and confirmed his cell phone number. It's 6796-2124. It's on, it's active, and it works. I also exchanged text messages with him. The first time I called it went to voice mail. So I sent a text message, and he called me back. Anyway, the number is right.

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