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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 01:52 pm EDT

Bill 510 Passed On Third Reading in National Assembly (Free Trade Agreement Related)

Law & LawyersThis morning, Wednesday September 26, the full National Assembly decided to approve Bill 501 on third reading, which covers Copyright and Related Rights. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Ricardo Quijano, said the measure will cause the country to have a proper and effective management, to protect the authors of industries, culture, entertainment, information and telecommunications. Meanwhile, the president of the Panamanian Society of Authors and Composers (SPAC), Cristian Garcia, said they agree with some of the items contained in the law and it "has some good things", and others that need improvement. Meanwhile, Amable Marin Moreno, an artistic manager, said the national musicians have "been broken" because there is no protection of their rights. "We, the authors cannot drink a soda with the product of our intellect, and the pirates of our songs, they are already with a pocketful of money from our music production, and that must end," he said. He added the law "is welcomed" as long as it is fully enforced. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: The National Assembly is cramming these things through quickly, in some cases even setting records. For example they broke a record today by passing a Bill in the second debate in less than five minutes. The message is clear - they want to get these puppies done so the Free Trade Agreement can be implemented as soon as possible. If they need to tweak some of the details later, then they will. But everyone is lined up to make money off of the new Free Trade Agreement, so there's no opposition.

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Bill 510 Passed On Third Reading in National Assembly (Free Trade Agreement Related) | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Bill 510 Passed On Third Reading in National Assembly (Free Trade Agreement Related)
Authored by: susangg on Wednesday, September 26 2012 @ 05:22 pm EDT

This bill is a feat of pure brilliance by the Martinelli administration, which as devised a way to end corruption by government hacks in Panama - by simply legalizing it! The bill will be followed by a legion of similar ones, each a profit making entity, and each empowered to act as prosecutor, judge and punisher, with the power to accuse citizens, residents and visitors of civil infractions, levy huge fines and summarily collect them (sequestration, anyone?), and directly share the money down the administrative food chain, with bonuses for those energetic hacks who collect the most loot.
For example, traffic cops will be dually designated as agents of the "Directorate of Traffic Enforcement," empowered to issue administrative summonses to motorists, bicyclers and pedestrians, wherein their hapless targets will be presumed guilty and ordered to pay huge fines, which will be shared between the officers and their superiors. No more bribery! Its legal!
And, about those pesky land issues? ANATI will augment its roster of administrative entities with a new "Directorate of Right Land Ownership," sending its agents far and wide to issue administrative summons to any landholders deemed "inappropriate," and after a summary hearing , order them to pay huge sums as "fines" as punishment for their inappropriateness, and seize the land when they can't pay, which funds will be shared among the diligent agents and their superiors. Bonuses for all if you snag a pretty piece of beachfront with a view! No more bribes-for-titles scandals - its legal!
And so on....
Best of all: These new directorates will reduce the need to spend government money on all thse government entities, and ease the pressure for salary increases for enterprising civil servants. Government will be run as a business, at last! Ain't free enterprise grand?