Announcing Fiesta del Mar 2013, Taboga Island

Wednesday, September 26 2012 @ 03:15 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Taboga - For the second consecutive year the initiative Fiesta del Mar Taboga will be held, an event that seeks to highlight the benefits and attractions of the "Island of Flowers", Taboga. The Fiesta del Mar will be on 26 and 27 January 2013. The Fiesta will offer attractions for visitors wishing to enjoy two days of fun, sun, beach, adventure, history and more. Direct transportation taking day tourists from hotels in the city will be organized departing from the Amador Pier.

During the day, there will be sports and beachside events including a "Food Festival" which will include a delicious Ceviche contest. There will also be fun activities for the family such as contests, tours, treasure hunts and folkloric presentations. On the evening of Saturday, January 26, visitors can enjoy a campfire under the stars and dancing on the beach with the famous Panamanian Calypso musician Samuel Archer and the Caribbean Sweet Band, as well as during the 2 day festival there will be music by other national artists, and a DJ at the Beach.

All activities will be conducted in the Pier park area and the Playa Honda. There will also be space for small businesses. About 6000 people and foreign visitors are expected to visit the island for the Fiesta which is being held at the beginning of the summer season January 26 and 27th.

Objective - According to the organizers, among which are members of the civil society of Taboga, entrepreneurs (local and foreign) and local government (Taboga Alcaldia), the objective of this Fiesta del Mar initiative is to promote sustainable tourism on Taboga Island, and increase visitor traffic. The annual Fiesta event offers an attractive and fun entertainment for the whole family, which highlights Taboga as an ideal tourist destination for a day, because of its proximity to the capital city, and offering the attractive island environment and culture that have for hundreds of years made Isla Taboga stand out as a jewel of the Pacific. Fiesta del Mar's mission is to continue to support sustainable development on the island of Taboga, through training and program partnerships for the growth of tourism, culture, and micro-enterprise for the benefit of the community of Taboga.

Also, the Fiesta will work to help improve the infrastructure of services to visitors, for example bathrooms, public showers.

This year, the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the South Sea will be celebrated and the Fiesta del Mar, Isla de Taboga will join the celebrations, the Island is located on the Pacific Ocean on Taboga, better known as the “Island of Flowers”, the Island is only an estimated 30 minutes boat ride away from the Panamanian Pacific coast.

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