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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 02:55 PM UTC

Canadian Sandra Mallon Sentenced To 80 Months in Prison For International Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking By DON WINNER for - Remember the case of Sandra Mallon? She was arrested at the Tocumen International Airport with 1.6 kilos of cocaine hidden under her clothing. She tried to smuggle it through, got patted down, got caught. After she was arrested she convinced friends and family members in Quebec to raise money for her for her legal defense fund. She was claiming she was innocent, she had done nothing wrong, the Panamanian system was corrupt, etc. Then when I went down to the courthouse and saw her file - there she was, photos of her taken at the airport sitting behind the cocaine she had in her possession when she was busted. Her fundraising came to a sudden stop.

Update: Today I was up at the courthouse, and I stopped in to check on her case. She was convicted and sentenced to 120 months. That sentence was reduced to 80 months (six years, eight months) because she basically pleaded guilty and didn't try to mount a prolonged defense, claim she was innocent, or anything like that. These numbers are practically standard sentences handed out to those who are caught red handed trying to smuggle cocaine. So let's see - Sandra Mallon was busted in August 2009 so she's already done more than three years in prison. And, she will be there until about April 2016. End of story.

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