Detour on Via Israel Near Multiplaza Mall Starts Today

Wednesday, October 10 2012 @ 09:35 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Starting today there will be detours in two lanes of Via Israel, in the direction heading towards the Atlapa Convention Center, reported the Ministry of Public Works, and the company FCC. The detour will begin at the two lands located in front of the former IDAAN collection house, which will be diverted to the center of the street, and which will extend as far as the entrance to the Multiplaza Mall. Meanwhile, the two opposing lanes, located on Via Israel but headed in the opposite direction towards the Multicentro Mall will also be displaced.

These detours are necessary to allow for the work currently being done in the area to continue while simultaneously allowing for the flow of traffic in both directions. These detours will be in effect for about six months, and are being done to proceed with the construction of the pilings necessary for the "Second Leg of the Via Brazil - Corredor Project" which includes parts of Via Brazil and Via Israel. This construction project is part of the plan to reorganize the flow of traffic in downtown Panama City.

The MOP said the appropriate warning signs and markings will be used to provide guidance to drivers who are passing through the area, because these detours will remain in place while the work is being done to install the new pilings. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Right now the Northern and Southern Corridors run around the outside of Panama City, but there is no really good way to quickly and easily cut through the middle of the city from North to South. They are building bridges and overpasses all along Via Brazil which will become sort of a North - South axis through the center of the city. The new bridges and intersections are being built at every major East - West roadway where they intersect with Via Brazil; Tumba Muerto, Transistmica, Via Espaņa, Calle 50, and Via Israel. Supposedly once this is done, drivers will be able to zip through downtown in one straight shot from Punta Pacifica to the Northern Corridor on the other side of Tumba Muerto, practically without stopping.

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