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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 02:26 am EDT

Tamburrelli Managed A Total Of $597.8 Million

Corruption Giacomo Tamburrelli, the controversial former director of the National Assistance Program, managed a budget of $597.8 million in two years. This was revealed by a new report by the Ministry of the Presidency, to which La Prensa had access.

The document notes that in 2010 the National Assembly passed a budget of $87.4 million for the PAN, and was then published in the Official Gazette No. 26398-A. However, at the end of that year, the PAN - previously known as the Social Investment Fund (FIS) - spent $231.6 million, or $144.2 million more than the original budget.

In 2011, the approved budget for the PAN was $115.8 million. However, as of December 31 of that year the PAN had spent $225.4 million, according to the report of the Presidency.

And, through July of this year 2012, and the budget spent by the entity was $140.8 million.

The opposition has complained that the increases in the budget came just as 28 deputies, 19 mayors and 171 representatives from the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Panameńista political party jumped ship to either the MOLIRENA or the ruling Democratic Change (CD) party.

When he was a candidate the CD party president Ricardo Martinelli promised to eliminate the FIS, calling it a "source of corruption."

The report highlights precisely that the majority of the multi million dollar projects executed by the PAN were done precisely in the circuits where there were defector deputies.

The resignation of Tamburrelli - who is also the current General Secretary of the ruling CD political party - comes after the publication of a series of investigative reports conducted by La Prensa, in relation to the awarding of lucrative contracts for poor work, such as the rehabilitation of rural roads, and the construction of a road leading to the estate of his father in law, in the province of Los Santos.

Meanwhile, the national direction of the Panameńista announced this week that they will file a criminal complaint this week with the Public Ministry against Tamburrelli for his alleged involvement in irregularities during his tenure in the PAN. (Prensa)

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