Heriberto Araúz Sánchez - New Judge on the Electoral Tribunal

Wednesday, October 17 2012 @ 10:45 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Professor and Doctor of Laws Araúz Heriberto Sanchez, 50 years old, yesterday became the sixth judge the Electoral Tribunal after the fall of the military dictatorship in 1990, after being chosen by the majority of the plenary Supreme Court from among 45 applicants. Araúz Sanchez was appointed replacing the current president of the Electoral Court, Gerardo Solis, whose term expires next November 15 after six years on the bench. The full Supreme Court also chose the current Secretary General of the Electoral Tribunal, Myrtha Varela de Duran, 53 years old, as a substitute judge for Araúz for the next 10 years. The announcement of both designations was made by the President of the Supreme Court, Alejandro Moncada Luna. The majority of the sectors of the country validated both designations. (Prensa)

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