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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 02:32 PM UTC

Martinelli Is Still In Japan Doing Business Stuff - While People Are Dying In Colon

Panama NewsThe president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, today called upon Japanese businessmen to invest in his country in sectors such as ports, mining and hydropower, while demonstrating Panama's interest in a Japanese monorail transport system.  

In a seminar held in Tokyo with about 140 private investors, Martinelli, who was presented to the audience "not as a politician but as a businessman," said there are "immense opportunities" in Panama for Japan because it offers "the best strategic location" as a gateway to Latin America.

The president, who has been on an official visit to Japan since last Sunday, referred to the "great growth" of his country, with a rate above 8 percent in last five years, and 80 percent of its economy in the service sector. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: This was a much longer article in La Critica, and I'm not going to translate all of it, because in reality no one on the ground in Panama gives a rat's ass about the president's trip to Japan. In fact, the press is mocking his trip. Considering the chaos in Colon which is spreading to other parts of the country over Law 72, it would probably be wise for Martinelli to cut his trip short and fly back home. But you see, this is what he does. When he knows all hell is about to break loose, he hops on his jet to avoid the pain. In this case, it's not playing very well among "Juan Seis Pack" Panamanians, and the government is losing the information battle both on presentation and substance.

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