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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 01:44 PM UTC

Finmeccanica And Martinelli: More Revelations (In Italy)

Corruption The Italian Valter Lavítola, a key player in the multi million dollar contract between the Government of Panama and Finmeccanica, opted to reach an agreement with President Ricardo Martinelli, to keep 35% of the company Agafea Corp., that was charging a fee in these negotiations.

This becomes clear in the transcript of an intercepted and recorded conversation that was made public yesterday by the Public Prosecutor of Naples, Italy, during which Lavitola is talking to Paolo Pozzessere, the former commercial director of Finmeccanica who was arrested last Tuesday, that after the signing of the contracts with Panama in June 2010, he would receive a commission of 6 million euros ($7.7 million), corresponding to 35% of the shares of Agafia Corp.

After that revelation, Italian newspapers reported that the Naples Prosecutor concluded that "with the contracts by the State of Panama kickbacks were generated, in the concept of assistance and advice provided by the company Agafia Corp, to which the Italian companies had to guarantee a bribe of 10%, about 18 million euros ($23 million)."

About the Panamanian company Agafia Corp, it is only known that it has in its directive Lavitola's partner in Panama, and that the Argentine Gustavo Francella, linked to the business group IBT Group, has won contracts with the Martinelli administration worth $425 million, who says he is its sole owner. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: These investigations in Italy are going to generate more problems for Martinelli in Panama. Here, he has complete and total control of all three branches of the government, as well as the Public Ministry. None of this Finmeccanica stuff is going to be investigated as long as the CD remains in power, and while the judges Martinelli appointed to the Supreme Court are still sitting. So, we're talking ten years, at least. However a growing understanding of the rampant corruption within the Martinelli administration, tied with their ham fisted handling of situations such as what's happening in Colon today, will likely cost them the election in 2014. So, you can start sliding your chips to the PRD and Juan Carlos Navarro, who's looking better all the time.

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