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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 02:33 PM UTC

Very Large - One Ton or More - Drug Bust On San Jose Island in Panama

Drug TraffickingA shipment of cocaine was found near Playa Esmeralda, on San Jose island in the Perlas islands, by officers of the National Naval Air Service. The drugs had been stashed in a specially built hide site, packed in bags and marked with logos. The Anti Drug Prosecutor was present at the seizure on this island in the Pacific, and this is the first time a seizure of this magnitude has been made on this island. At the same time they found two fuel tanks, but there was no one in the area, or boats.

The drugs had been stashed in an inhospitable area, full of trees and close to the sea, and has been guarded since Tuesday by SENAN units, who are cutting the weeds in the area, searching for someone who they suspect might be nearby, said the SENAN officer Edson Castillo.

The new Naval Air Service Base on Chapera Island is very nearby, which was built to control the presence of speedboats carrying drugs across the Pacific route, used by drug traffickers to move the illegal goods from Colombia. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: They busted more than a ton of cocaine at this site. The drugs were found stashed in a specially built location, hidden underground, with a large corrugated pipe buried underground. The SENAN has not yet given a specific weight for this bust because they have not yet been able to haul it all out of there, count it, and weigh it. This stash has probably been in operation for years.

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