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Monday, May 28 2018 @ 01:29 AM EDT

"The Climate of Anarchy Is Subsiding..."

Protests & DemonstrationsBy DON WINNER for - It feels like the corner has been turned on the crisis this morning. Officers of the National Police have been scattering the "protesters" (criminals) who have been looting stores, breaking windows, and mugging people all over town.

There was a brief focus of activity where it all started near the National Assembly building, with the police all clustered around the Assembly in a defensive perimeter. Once the looting started the police officers started to push back, and it's taken them a couple of hours to regain control.

There are reports of arrests, particularly in the area near Ave Cuba, Ave Mexico, and Ave Peru. At first the police were outnumbered dozens to one, but then their special forces troops rolled in to clean up the mess.

Now, just short of 1:00 pm, the feeling is that the corner has been turned. The protesters have made their point. The National Assembly will be passing the Bill to revoke Law 72 as quickly as possible. The police are ready to arrest anyone at the drop of a dime, so the SUNTRACS guys are simply going to go home. Pretty much, it's all over...

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