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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 11:14 pm EDT

20 Government Vehicles Seized During Holiday Weekend

CorruptionThe The General Audit Directorate of the Comptroller retained about 20 official cars nationwide during a vehicular operation as part of the national holiday that began Friday November 2 and ended yesterday. After the operation, the Comptroller informed through a press release that officers checked 818 cars through 27 checkpoints and 11 mobile units deployed by the institution throughout the country.

Among the most common causes why these vehicles were being held - circulating without a permit, having an expired tag or without a valid plate, unlicensed drivers, and transporting people from outside the institution, among others.

In addition the Ministry of Health (MINSA) reported that during their operation in the capital, they found three people who were using counterfeit health certification cards who were selling food along the parade route on Calle 50. There were also other vendors found to be selling expired food, who were fined. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: In Panama the government owned vehicles have a large yellow stripe painted down the side, and the words "for official use only." Government employees are not supposed to use those vehicles or government fuel to take the family on a weekend trip to the beach. They always hold these "operations" during holiday weekends to detect these types of infractions. And every time, they always catch a handful of people who do it anyway.

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