One Killed, Four Injured In Panama Canal Expansion Accident

Tuesday, November 20 2012 @ 11:42 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The consortium Grupo Unidos por el Canal reported via a press release today that an accident occurred at the site of the construction project to build the third set of locks as part of the expansion of the Panama Canal on the Atlantic side of the country.

The accident occurred approximately 2:30 pm this afternoon, which left one person dead and four injured.

The injured were transported to the Manuel Amador Guerrero hospital in the city of Colon for treatment.

The incident occurred during the dismantling of a tower crane located in the upper chamber of the excavation of the locks. Right now the authorities are conducting investigations to determine the causes of the event.

In their press release, the company said they "deeply regret what happened, in solidarity with the families of the employees," and they said they would continue to report as the investigation progresses. (Mi Diario)

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