Company That Build Nuevo Arco Iris Landfill Says They Are Not Responsible For Collapse Of Houses

Friday, November 30 2012 @ 02:29 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The company Ingeniería y Remodelaciones Civiles, S.A. (Inreci), responsible for building the landfill under the Nuevo Arco Iris neighborhood that collapsed last week, said they met all of the technical parameters requested by the national government. "We have no responsibility in what happened in this incident. We believe that the constant and heavy rains, combined with the waters from adjacent streams, had to do with the collapse," defended the company in a statement. Officials from the Ministry of Housing and Land Management reported that a study is needed to determine the cause of the collapse. Meanwhile, Inreci said they have hired a company to conduct an investigation of what happened, so they expect to have a report ready by the end of the year. According to the Ministry of Housing, the company Ingasa started to build the landfill, but when a crack opened up they abandoned the project.

ANAM Orders Work Stopped On Housing Project - The promoter Ibiza, that is building the housing project Ibiza Playa Residences II in Las Guías Oriente, in Río Hato de Antón, Coclé, did not comply with the decision of the National Environmental Authority (ANAM), to stop construction on the project in order to correct a mistake, which, according the entity, can lead to a tragedy. According to Anam, the company knocked down a slope that filled in a ravine adjacent to the housing project, preventing the natural flow of water which could cause flooding, as occurred in Colon and in western Panama. The suspension of work on the project could not be met because workers have opposed the authorities and kept them from executing the order. The development company has filed several appeals to prevent the stoppage of the project, and they threaten to take legal action against Anam. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: In the first case, it's common for the Panamanian government to basically issue a construction contract in which they ask a company to build something in a wrong or incorrect manner. A few years ago I was investigating some bad work done on roads and schools. When I contacted the companies that had built these projects - which were falling apart shortly after delivery - they were able to prove to me that they had, in fact, built exactly what the government of Martin Torrijos had asked for. What's more, they even were able to show correspondence and letters in which they tried to tell the government "it's not going to work" but the MOP ordered them to proceed, anyway. Also you should understand that these same knuckleheads were the ones who started this housing project in Nuevo Arco Iris - the administration of Ricardo Martinelli inherited his project from the previous administration of Martin Torrijos. This is the first time that I've heard another company started building the landfill but then quit when it started falling apart, even before it was finished. They obviously said "screw this" and bailed... They were right.

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