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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 11:06 AM UTC

Heavy Rains Provide No Relief

Weather Bad weather, coupled with the rising rivers, caused anxiety among the residents of several neighborhoods of La Chorrera, in the Western part of the province of Panama, and the province of Colon.

As the families in La Chorrera are still struggling to overcome the losses suffered in the floods of 25 November 2012, the Caimito overflowed its banks again during the early morning hours on Saturday, flooding several homes.

However, this time there was a chance to save the food, clothing and mattresses that had been received as donations days ago, thanks to a warning given by the locals.

According to the mayor of La Chorrera, Themistocles Herrera, at around 10:00 pm on Saturday he received information from the sector of Los Mortales, where the river level was rising rapidly.

This allowed them to alert the families residing in the neighborhoods of Revolución Final, Trapichito and Mastranto Final, so they could respond to any eventuality.

At about 3:00 am, the river began to flood houses in Revolución Final and El Campesino, plus six houses in the villate of Santa Rita.

The floods of last weekend left 1,800 people homeless, according to figures from the mayor, and five houses destroyed.

Support - In the sector of Revolución Final, Alcides Rodríguez collaborated on a board to build three houses in an area that 20 years ago was demarcated as a street.

Rodriguez said he collected signatures from neighbors to ask the Ministry of Housing and Land for compensation.

He said five other families will be relocated to municipal land in the area of ​​Potrero Grande.

Meanwhile in Mastranto Final, families who spent the night outside of their their homes insisted that they are willing to be relocated, rather than returning to their old homes and face the risk of repeating the experience of losing all of their belongings.

Capira - Although the district of Capira the material losses have not yet been quantified, it was learned that only the reconstruction of the destroyed suspension bridge in the community of Lajalisa has a cost of $80,000.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture reported they will apply lime to the remains of 37 cattle killed in a landslide in Lajalisa, to minimize environmental damage.

In a statement, the ministry said there are still communities like Jordanal and Arenillas, which have not been reached, and whose losses are still unknown.

They also reported losses of poultry, pigs, fruits and vegetables in the communities of Los Chorros, Claras Abajo, Cirí de Los Sotos and Santa Rosa.

Colon - Also, since yesterday morning an intense downpour struck the province of Colon, again flooding the zones of Villa del Caribe, El Nazareno and Sagrada Resurrección, while the authorities continue to deliver support to the victims.

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