SENAFRONT Seized 1,500 Kilos (A Ton And A Half) Of Cocaine In The Darien

Monday, December 03 2012 @ 05:36 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The State Border Service (SENAFRONT) seized around 1,500 thousand packages of alleged cocaine in the province of Darien, said Frank Abrego, commissioner of the institution, this Monday, December 3.

Abrego said SENAFRONT units were patrolling the area when they identified a boat whose crew left it stranded and fled, when they noticed the presence of the officers.

About 60 bags full of cocaine were confiscated, each with 25 kilos, bringing the estimated total to about 1,500 kilos of cocaine seized, or about a ton and a half, according to the SENAFRONT.

Abrego said the Prosecutor is currently making an official count and will announce the information in a press release.

Three people were arrested as the tried to flee the scene, said Abrego. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Wow. Massive bust. That's a lot of blow. The street value of a kilo of cocaine (wholesale) in Panama is $4,500 each. So, this load is worth $6.75 million on the ground in Panama. If you can get it to Atlanta then the wholesale value jumps to $26,000 per kilo or $39 million. Cut and distributed at a retail level on the street, the value is $100,000 per kilo or a total of $150 million.

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