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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:24 pm EDT

80% Of Panamanians Fear The Arrival Of Foreign Workers

Employment & JobsPanamanians see the entry of foreigners to work in Panama as a threat. In a recent survey 80% of Panamanians reject the possibility of bringing new immigrants to Panama to work.

This is one of the results of the CID Gallup poll for "The People Speak", which in this latest installment discusses the opinions and attitudes of Panamanians towards immigrants in the country.

The idea of hiring more foreigners only received the support of 15% of the population.

The idea was rejected in the interior of the country by 83.5%, by 83.2% of women, and 81.1% of young adults. Those who only passed primary school are the most negative.

Interestingly, the same study concluded that 60% of Panamanians think their countrymen (other Panamanians) do not want to work.

And at the same time, only 7% of Panamanians think foreigners are better workers.

More than half of Panamanians, specifically 54%, think that foreign workers are preferred by employers.

Only 25% see their countrymen (other Panamanians) as the favorites of those who hire them. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: So, the conclusions from this poll are obvious. The Panamanians don't want foreign workers to come, because they know the foreigners are better workers. The Panamanians themselves know they are not the best educated or prepared, and they know the foreigners will take their jobs. And they also know that Panamanians are lazy. Wow. What a poll...

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80% Of Panamanians Fear The Arrival Of Foreign Workers | 3 comments | Create New Account
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80% Of Panamanians Fear The Arrival Of Foreign Workers
Authored by: PanaMark42 on Monday, December 10 2012 @ 06:22 pm EST

I wouldn't categorically say Panamanians are lazy. Some are, but some work incredibly hard! Depends on their attitude for life - just like anywhere else.

80% Of Panamanians Fear The Arrival Of Foreign Workers
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, December 11 2012 @ 09:34 am EST

I completely disagree with panamanians being "lazy". Unskilled? Untrained? Some, sure. But look at the incentives, if I made minimum wage in Panama I might not put in 100% either. Still I agree with you that 80% being afraid of immigrant workers at this point, with unemployment THIS low can only mean they are afraid. Something's got to give on this issue eventually, but it will have to reach crisis point for public opinion to support it.

80% Of Panamanians Fear The Arrival Of Foreign Workers
Authored by: DEADDOG on Tuesday, December 11 2012 @ 11:04 am EST

Panamanian folks are hard workers.You cant snap your fingers and expect the people to jump forward fifty years.Spend some money and EDUCATE the young and the old alike.Keep the OUT SIDERS OUT,OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.THE WORD FOR THE NEW YEAR IS---EDUCATE.