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Monday, December 10 2018 @ 07:28 PM UTC

PRD Representative Says "My People Need Hams Too..."

Corruption The representative of Rio Abajo, Javier Ortega, questioned this Friday, Dec. 14, that his colleague Chorrillo, Sergio Galvez - purchased with public funds - a total of 30,000 hams, which he then gave to residents of the 8-7 voting district in Panama City.

"In Rio Abajo, my people also need hams," said Ortega. In turn, the PRD politician wondered how it could be possible that Gálvez, who is also the President of the National Assembly, can take a million dollars from the funds of his community board in order to buy and distribute these hams.

Ortega said that he had done this the Comptroller General of the Republic would have been on him immediately. "But no one is looking to investigate him (Galvez) ... how can he do that?" he said.

He said that although he is happy for the people in El Chorrillo who received the hams, he said residents in other parts of the capital city also need such contributions, such as Curundú, Pedregal and Parque Lefevre.

Speaking on RPC Radio, Ortega also criticized that members of the ruling Democratic Change political party have given away houses, cars, and appliances in the sectors they represent "and nothing happens." However, the members of the opposition political parties "have no money" to do the same thing.

Yesterday, the president of the Assembly, Sergio Galvez said nothing will stop him from giving gifts to his constituents, after it was revealed that the 30,000 hams that were given to the people who live in his circuit had been paid for with state funds. The 30,000 hams cost $675,000 of public funds. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Amazing. Nothing will happen to Sergio Galvez. Those politicians who are party of the ruling CD group get funds to give away in their districts. Those in the PRD and Panameñista party get nothing. This is why many politicians jump ship from one party to another, to get money and stuff, so they can get reelected. Old school, buying votes with state funds.

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PRD Representative Says \"My People Need Hams Too...\"
Authored by: Lornik on Saturday, December 15 2012 @ 04:56 AM UTC

Wow, we do enough of that in the US, that's why I want to leave!