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Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 07:08 AM UTC

Killer Bees Send Five To The Hospital in Panama

Animals & PetsFire Department paramedics from David took five people to the Regional Hospital who were attacked by Africanized bees.

It was learned the bees were swarming in the holes and fixtures of a utility pole located in front of several houses in this sector.

The frightened residents reported that for months they have been asking the company Union Fenosa to suspend electric service in that area, so they could eliminate the swarm, but they have received no answers.

They said on the day of the attack four dogs were killed by bee stings, and another four were affected to a lesser extent, and this situation has them very fearful.

"We have to live locked inside of our houses, with nets to keep our children from being stung," said Jorge Santos, one of the frightened inhabitants.

They called on the authorities to act quickly to avoid a new incident. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: All of the honey bees in Panama are the more aggressive Africanized bees. You can literally run into a swarm anywhere in the country.

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