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Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 06:56 AM UTC

Ricardo "Peluca" Isaza (1971 - 2013) Rest in Peace, My Friend...

Bands & MusicThe Panamanian rocker Ricardo "Peluca" Isaza, who was known for playing drums, died this morning, Wednesday, January 16, after an intense battle with leukemia.

The love that people felt for the drummer spurred the creation of a nationwide union called "Fuerza Peluca" to carry out activities in order to help.

National Artists also performed perform concerts to help "Peluca" who they called "a friend to all."

Regularly, through social networks and national news programs, there were calls for the donations of blood platelets type AB positive.

Just yesterday, the twitter accounts of national broadcasters, as well as programs with large audiences urgently called for the donation of platelets in the National Cancer Hospital.

Spencer Regueira, another Panamanian rocker, also said on his Twitter account: "See you soon brother, the Great Peluca Isaza

Like Regueira, the national rock page, is in mourning. Its homepage reads, "1971 - 2013" Dear friend, you will live forever in the hearts of us all, rest in peace." (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Peluca was a friend of mine. He was, in fact, a friend to practically everyone who knew him. He was a very good rock drummer. I spent many nights watching him play mostly with the band "Juan Sin Tierra y Las Malas Influencias" - together with Juan Carlos Núñez (Juan Xin Tierra) and Pitongo - at the "Old Pavo Real" (now bulldozed) in the banking district. This live band playing covers of classic rock and roll drew a regular crowd of other well known musicians and artists, both new and old, every weekend. I would hang with the band members before their set, DJ in the gaps when they were not playing, and feed them tequila (because they played better with a mild buzz). Peluca was just a great guy, nice, friendly, and well known as a solid musician who played live music in Panama for years. Don't let the long hair and hard core rock and roll imagery fool you. Under the facade Peluca was a sweetheart - a kind and gentle soul. RIP my friend...

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