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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 01:33 pm EDT

William Dathan Holbert - "Wild Bill" - Has A Facebook Page

Expat TalesBy DON WINNER for - A couple of days ago I learned that William Dathan Holbert - a.k.a. "Wild Bill" - who is currently being held in the public prison in the city of David in the Republic of Panama, has a Facebook account that his is apparently updating and managing from inside of his prison cell.

This morning I went on the channel 2 TVN morning news program to denounce the existence of this account. Prisoners in Panama are not supposed to have access to cell phones with a data plan and the Internet.

I doubt Holbert's Facebook page will last very long, and it will probably be taken down fairly quickly now that I've made this public complaint. In the meantime while it's still there you can see it at: You can also find it by doing a search on Facebook for "Los Reos Unificados" (The Unified Prisoners). This article is getting long, so I'm going to break it up. Click on the link below to read the rest of it... (more)

Yesterday afternoon once I knew I was going to be appearing on TVN this morning, I sent an email out to several of the closest family members of Holbert's victims, asking them to give me some sort of a response to read for them on the air. I mean, if this sort of thing pisses me off, I can only imagine the outrage of the family member's of Holbert's victims. I received a few replies, which all basically said the same thing - they wanted me to go ahead and say whatever I thought best.

This morning in the TVN studio just as I was getting the microphone put on and was about to speak during the next segment after a commercial break, TVN aired a "teaser" about my spot, and talked about Holbert having a Facebook page. Immediately Angel Calderon, who is the Director of Panama's Penitentiary System, called Castalia Pascual, the journalist who was about to interview me. He said that no, Holbert does not have a cell phone or access to the Internet. He said that others who are outside of the prison are uploading those things for him, on his behalf.

However, Holbert had posted pictures he had taken of himself, inside of his prison cell. There are photos of the drawings he's made on the walls of his prison cell. There are photos of a dog that he has in prison, which he has named "Maton" (Big Killer). There are photos of prison inmates who have been injured, and Holbert is complaining about them not getting proper medical care. There's a photo of another inmate with a bottle of "Seco" (booze) - so there's contraband (the cell phone) being used to take a photo of more contraband (the booze). There's a photo of a monkey, with a comment below written by and Holbert in which he says the monkey is the warden of the prison. Meaning - there are all sorts of things on there indicating these posts are being made immediately and directly by Holbert himself, using a cell phone, from prison.

And these were exactly some of the points I made during the television interview. I tried to express the outrage of the family members of Holbert's victims. There is a system established in the Panamanian prisons through which the inmates can pay bribes to the prison guards to have anything they want smuggled into the prison - weapons, cell phones, booze, drugs - even prostitutes. Every six months or so the police will do a "search" of the prison, and they will find a whole bunch of contraband items, no surprise there. But in fact these searches are simply a means of creating a new "market" for the smugglers. If every prisoner already has a cell phone, then there's no need to pay the corrupt prison guard another $500 bucks to have another one smuggled in, right?

But the prisons are now run by the prison guards, and the national police officers do the raids. So, the corrupt prison guards can say "hey man, sorry, but it's not our fault" when all of the contraband is gathered up and taken away. And, you will never (ever) see a story about a corrupt prison guard being arrested for smuggling contraband to a prisoner. It's a good business, and business is good. I know these things as a result of dozens of interviews conducted with past and current inmates who either have served or who are currently serving time in Panama's prisons. And how do I conduct these interviews? Normally the inmates call me - on their contraband smuggled cell phones. Yeah, like I don't know what I'm talking about.

So anyway, I did the interview and denounced the existence of "Wild Bill's" Facebook page. Almost immediately the prison officials in the David prison conducted a raid and searched the cell block where Holbert is living with about two dozen other prisoners. According to the official statements, the didn't find anything. However there was one newspaper report about that same raid which says they found four tanks of homemade booze, several knives, as well as several cell phones and chargers.

The Director of the public prison in David is probably about to get fired. He did this rapid raid and issued his press release - which apparently contained false information regarding the results of the raid - probably in an attempt to keep his job.

It should not be that hard to keep this one dude - William Dathan Holbert - under wraps. He has admitted to having murdered six people in cold blood. He murdered an entire family - husband, wife, and son. He murdered a man who thought he was his friend by ambushing him from behind. He murdered Bo Icelar and Cher Hughes to steal their money, property, and possessions. And he probably murdered others in Costa Rica - people who might never be found. He should be held in a small room with the absolute minimum required to keep him alive, and to comply with the accepted international standards for human rights with regards to cruel and unusual punishment. Having a puppy, and a cell phone, and a Facebook page, and a drinking buddy are probably not on that list. Un friggin' believable.

This is a screen snap of Holbert's Facebook page, taken as I was writing this article.

As a caption to this image on 21 October 2012 Holbert posted "¡Quiero una pa Navidad! ¡Por favor Santa Claus! ¡Yo he portado bien ese año! - I want one for Christmas! Please Santa! I've been oh so good this year!" This image of a dual barrel 100 round pistol magazine was posted to Twitter by many people: including here, and here The point is - Holbert got this image from the Twitter feed. And, he wants one. For Christmas.

On 16 October 2012 Holbert posted this photo which says "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and a photo of a mouse in a mousetrap. According to his Facebook page this photo was uploaded using the Blackberry application - so that's what kind of a phone he was using.

Holbert posted this photo on 16 October 2012. Obviously he took this himself, with the cell phone he has in his cell. This photo was "liked" by Donnie Lee Hart II who also happens to be Holbert's cousin in North Carolina. Interestingly enough, Hart's chosen user name for Facebook is "hitman6413m4" and he has several pictures of Holbert posted on his page, as well as images of weapons and similar other macho wanna be bullshit. Holbert apparently likes this photo a lot because he has it as his profile photo, and he wrote the caption "Cien porciento Pirata es Cierto - 100% Pirate Guaranteed!" Only Holbert could write these mangled and poorly translated "Spanglish" captions. It's him doing this himself, no doubt about it.

Another peek into the twisted Holbert brain. To accompany this photo of the "Joker" Holbert posted "¡No soy tan Mal!... I aint all bad!..."

On 5 August 2012 Holbert posted this photo with the caption "El Salvaje Confederado" (The Confederate Savage.) This photo was also "liked" by his cousin Donnie Lee Hart II. Remember that Holbert is a white supremacist radical who had swastikas and other Hitler loving crap tattooed on his body. When he had the opportunity to choose an alias for a fake passport he purchased via the Internet, he picked the name "William Adolfo Cortez" (after Adolf Hitler.) Most of the stuff that Holbert thinks if funny, sane people see as sick and dangerous. This photo was also apparently taken in the public prison in David, based on the purple beads of the prayer beads (Rosary) he always wears - at least since he's been caught and thrown in prison.

Holbert posted this photo of a drawing he did on the wall of his cell on 5 August 2012. He put up a caption of "Salvaje animado" (Animated Savage). It apparently is supposed to be a drawing as Holbert sees himself, as some sort of an angel, with wings and a halo.

Holbert posted this image of himself on 5 August 2012 with the caption " Salvaje Joven" (Young Savage).

Holbert posted this image in his high school football uniform on the same day.

Holbert posted this image that was apparently taken in the area where visitors come to spend time with their family members who are behind bars (visitor's area) with the caption "Mi mejor amingo Tutun, con todo su dignidad..." (My best friend Tutun, with all of his dignity.) Notice the bottle of Seco that Tutun is holding in his hands. I doubt the prisoners in the David jail are supposed to have access to booze, so someone paid a bribe to have this smuggled past the guards.

Another "self image" of Holbert, taken on a cell phone camera at arm's length. Posted on 8 April 2012. Holbert has had access to the Internet for quite some time. His Facebook page was created on 13 August 2011.

Another "self image" of Holbert, also posted on 8 April 2012.

Posted on 212 December 2011 with the caption "El Salvaje mas Flaco" (The Skinnier Savage)

Posted on 19 December 2011 with the caption "Bill y el especial del dia de la carcel de David. "Matón" se llama" (Bill and the Special of the Day of the prison in David. His name is "Matón") The word "Matón" means "big killer".

On 25 November 2011 Holbert posted this, with the caption "Un Saludos Grande para Ismael Flores el Director de la Carcel de David" (A big salute for Ismael Flores, the Director of the prison in David.)

Apparently Holbert is not very happy with the warden. He posted this image on 3 October 2011 with the caption "Director Ismael Flores de la carcel de David".

This is the first photo Holbert posted of himself, shortly after creating his new Facebook page for "The Unified Inmates". He gave it the caption "El Lider Bill" (The Leader Bill) so he apparently sees himself as the leader of the other inmates.

And Finally: As I was writing this article, another post appeared on this Facebook page. It says "Es muy importante entender lo que nuestro heroe y lider Bill no manejas ese sitio. Tampoco esa pagina es la pagina personal de Don Bill. Es la pagina de LOS REOS UNIFICADOS. Viva los derechos del preso. Mensajes personales para Don Bill se puede postar aqui tambien. Mandamos sus mensajes al Salvaje Bill." (It is very important to understand that our hero and leader Bill does not manage this site. Nor is this the personal website of Don Bill. It is the product of "The Unified Prisoners." Long live the prisoner's rights. Personal messages for Don Bill can posted here too. We will send your message to Wild Bill.)

In A Word: Bullshit. Once again. He's fooling no one. And as of right now, he's still got Internet access. No one in their right mind would refer to this piece of trash as "our hero and leader" or call him "Don Bill." Holbert obviously wrote this himself. I guess the prison guards in David don't know how to conduct a proper search, either. Maybe they should try again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. I bet when the rest of the prisoners in the David jail get tired of getting shaken down because of this guy, they might cut him off.

Copyright 2013 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Don't forget to follow Panama Guide on Twitter. Salud.

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William Dathan Holbert - "Wild Bill" - Has A Facebook Page | 4 comments | Create New Account
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William Dathan Holbert - \"Wild Bill\" - Has A Facebook Page
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, February 01 2013 @ 04:42 pm EST

This guy is scary. And he is right where he should be. I just hope for the sake of potential additional victims that he never escapes. Sociopaths are quite accomplished at manipulating weak willed individuals and it's chilling to think that given adequate time (which he certainly has) and willing accomplices, he could somehow get out. Are there any links to articles discussing his crimes, apprehension, trial and incarceration?

William Dathan Holbert - \"Wild Bill\" - Has A Facebook Page
Authored by: cvett on Friday, February 01 2013 @ 04:55 pm EST

Does Panama have the death penalty?

William Dathan Holbert - \"Wild Bill\" - Has A Facebook Page
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, February 02 2013 @ 10:55 am EST

Thanks again for your updates of Holbert. This is the only way we get information. The US Embassy only confers with Holbert's family, as he has rights of a US citizen. Thank God he is behind bars. Keep up the good work. Mary Wittmeyer and Cher's family

William Dathan Holbert - \"Wild Bill\" - Has A Facebook Page
Authored by: Panaluke on Sunday, February 03 2013 @ 11:31 am EST

They gotta be kidding. Of course he is running this side. Just look at the comments, in some pictures he is chatting with his old friends in English. I know there are sick people who "like" serial killers etc. But I don't think I ever saw a fan page that was administrated by the killer himself, out of prison.