Teleton donations taxed by C & W

Thursday, February 14 2013 @ 01:25 AM UTC

Contributed by: Alice Kittredge

Donate to Teleton? So easy by telephone, just dial the right number and you've donated your contribution. Then in January the bill comes in.... We all admire the Teleton efforts to raise money for really good charitable causes, and 20-30 does a bang-up job. The citizenry and residents contribute generously to such a well-run and worthy cause, and many can do it because making the donation is so easy by telephone. I've done it that way since they installed the technique. I've got two lines and got the bills in January expecting the additional charges. But I didn't expect the taxes to be so high. Wow. A little checking on the calculator and I found I had paid 7% on my donations to Teleton in December. We should be refunded our taxes for any Teleton donations. Why should the DGI benefit from the money donated to charity? That's not what the ITBMS, Ley 15, and Tasa PN are for.

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