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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 10:43 PM UTC

Selling School Backpacks From A "Boutique" in Marbella

CorruptionA company granted two contracts worth a total of $6 million dollars from the National Assistance Program and the Ministry of Education to provide backpacks for school children operates from a clothing boutique in Marbella.

The company APM is Supplies, S.A. - founded in 2008 - whose owner, Poulett Morales Montero, revealed yesterday that within the boutique property she has an area reserved and two desks for the operation of this company.

The PAN has received about $80 million between 2010 and 2011 of the funds given to the Deputies of the National Assembly, one of whom, José Muñoz (CD) - has spent nearly a million dollars on things for the people in his circuit.

The Anti Corruption Prosecutor Will Investigate The Projects Of The PAN - The First Anti Corruption Prosecutor has opened an investigation into the alleged irregularities in the construction of roads funded by the National Assistance Program during the administration of Giacomo Tamburrelli, between July 2009 and August 2012.

This investigation was initiated after a complaint filed last October, by the Panameñista Deputy Grimaldo Cordoba, who thought there were anomalies in the roads built in the provinces of Los Santos and Veraguas.

The Public Ministry reported that the prosecutor Rosa Elvira Pinzon is waiting for a report from the Comptroller on the projects approved during Tamburrelli's administration. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: There's no doubt a degree of corruption exists in the granting of these government contracts. The Martinelli administration has handed out billions of dollars in contacts since 2009, and most of the people are running around with big smiles on their faces because of the money they have made off of these government contracts. However they also tend to steer the contracts to their friends and relatives, and the people who support the CD or Molirena party. The La Prensa newspaper and the Panameñista party is now on the "outside" and they are hammering away on these issues in an attempt to create as much smoke and friction as they can, for political reasons. Just recognize the bias. If the Panameñistas were running the show, then the La Prensa newspaper would be ignoring these things, and attacking the PRD and CD politicians instead.

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