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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 10:42 pm EDT

The Lavitola Case Splashes On Panama Again

CorruptionAlthough the complete contents of the file are not fully known, the Italian media insist that the investigations being conducted by the Prosecutor of Naples in Italy have revealed $700,000 in bribes may have been paid to Panamanian officials.

The Italian Mauro Velocci, who was also a business partner of Valter Lavitola, in a brief communication from Italy with the La Estrella newspaper said Angelo Capriotti was arrested yesterday and "than means there is strong evidence."

Velocci told La Estrella that despite this "Panama continues with closed eyes, evidence of corruption."

The Italian businessman who is one of the main witnesses for the Prosecutor in Naples believes that if one year after the fact, the Italian courts have ordered the arrest of Capriotti and they are keeping Lavitola confined then "in this case there is evidence."

The latest arrest - The arrest of Angelo Capriotti arrest on Thursday in Switzerland and his subsequent extradition to Italy again generated a number of concerns about the possibility that Panamanian officials had received bribes in exchange for giving the company Svemark a contract for the construction of modular prisons in Colon, Chorrera, and Panama.

Joan Solés, the correspondent from Radio Panama, said yesterday from Italy that there is information in the record indicating there were plans to increase the contract for the construction of prisons for up to $28 million to be paid as bribes.

She said in the record, is mentioned the version that there was money that was transferred in a briefcase and it was delivered to an official who is not identified.

When the scandal about the prisons broke, the person who was in charge of negotiating the contract with Capriottii, who was the representative of the company Svemark, was the then Minister of Government and current Mayor of Panama City, Roxana Mendez.

Solés made it clear that the processes being advanced by the Prosecutor of Naples is only against Italians, and that Panamanians cannot be included. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: So, first question in court. To whom did you hand the briefcase filled with $700,000 in cash?

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