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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 07:47 PM UTC

Another 873 Kilos of Cocaine Seized in Chiriqui

Drug TraffickingThe National Customs Authority in joint operation with the Police, succeeded on Friday night, March 8, in the seizure of 773 kilos of cocaine - the incident occurred at the customs checkpoint of Baco, in Puerto Armuelles, in the district of Baru, Chiriqui.

The National Police seized for inspection a panel van with Panamanian registration to be inspected by the staff of the National Customs Authority, where they found two packages supposedly containing merchandise from the Colon Free Zone, but upon further inspection was found to contain 773 kilos of cocaine.

Two people were traveling in the vehicle. One of them fled the scene and it is presumed he is a member of the National Police. The other was arrested by the authorities and taken together with the evidence to the office of the Anti Drug Prosecutor in Puerto Armuelles by police officers and the staff of the Department of Customs Control Prevention (DPFA).

In another development, at the Customs Checkpoint in Guabala in the Chiriqui province, at around 10:43 pm this Friday, another 100 kilos of cocaine was seized that was being transported in a white Kia pickup truck with license plate number 758492 plate driven by a Panamanian resident in Chiriqui, who said he was going from Panama to the district of Bugaba.

Officers from the Unit of Police Information asked to conduct a non intrusive visual inspection of the vehicle, using the Container Inspection Unit (UNITEC) from Customs and thanks to the sophisticated equipment scanner they detected a possible double bottom, which after physical inspection by the authorities, resulted in the seizure of 100 kilos of cocaine. The case is under the orders of the Office of Drugs.

With these operations together, the National Customs Authority and the National Police, reinforce the security of customs checkpoints, achieving effective results in the fight against illegal drug trafficking in our country. (Critica)

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