900 Hectares of Forest Were Consumed By A Fire In Veraguas

Monday, March 25 2013 @ 04:11 PM UTC

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A total of 900 hectares of forest: 650 pine (Pinus caribaea), 250 of stubble and grassland (grasses), was the effect caused by the fire in the Forest Reserve La Yeguada, in the province of Veraguas, according to a report issued by the National Environmental Authority.

Jeremías Aguilar, regional administrator of ANAM in Veraguas, announced that this was one of the largest fires which has occurred in the forest reserve and this has left La Yeguada whit unfortunate results for the environment within the region.

This fire, which lasted three days, was controlled with the help of ANAM officials, park rangers, firefighters, police force, naval air service and the community, which worked hard to fight the fire and put it out.

Aguilar claims that help has always been provided in these situations. He said that people have a lot of training in the region, but as a result of what happened, the area is going to have more surveillance.

The official explained that awareness is very important to people. From now on they will put up signs saying "do not smoke" in order to avoid accidents that trigger wildfires since they leave serious consequences to the environment. (Estrella)

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