Pellegrini Claims To Have Evidence Linking Senior Government Officials To Financial Pacific Case

Tuesday, April 02 2013 @ 01:02 PM EDT

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Mayte Pellegrini, who has been accused in the "Financial Pacific" case, sent a letter of her own hand writing to the La Estrella newspaper, in which she states that on 26 December 2012 she was 'forced' to retract her statements about the High Spirit account.

During questioning on 22 November 2012, Pellegrini said there was an alleged secret account linked to President Ricardo Martinelli which was used to manipulate the stock market with insider information about the Petaquilla gold mining company, but when these details were made public, a declaration was made on the evening of December 26th to the Thirteenth Circuit Prosecutor, and that's when this information was retracted.

However, Pellegrini is asking to be taken back to the prosecutor (so she can expand her statements once again) and she accuses the government of preventing this from happening, because she says she would provide more details about the alleged market manipulation and would be giving evidence.

"In my amplification I was going to provide evidence of what I spoke about with the High Spirit and other government accounts," said said Pellegrini.

She also denies there was a plan for her to escape last week when they were supposed to take her the office of the prosecutor to testify.

In her letter she also alleges that she was transferred to Women's Prison on 1 March 2013 without the consent of the prosecutor, and that the Director of the Prison System, Ángel Calderon, went "personally" to order her to be moved.

"He can lie, but I have 100 witnesses who can verify that he came," says Pellegrini in her letter, which is a page and a half long, written on paper from a spiral notebook, handwritten in blue ink and block letters.

It was also reported that through her testimony there will be details about the alleged relationship of Iván Clare, the manager of Financial Pacific, with the company Katutai, in which in appears the money from the brokerage firm went.

She also links the Financial Pacific brokerage firm to the savings of the Employees of the Social Security Fund (COAECSS).

According to her testimony she said "many things will be discovered."

"They have manipulated the record," said Pellegrini, arguing that she is a victim of political persecution, because with the information she has, she will expose the links to the senior government officials to this case.

"I have very sensitive information against senior government officials," she said. (Estrella)

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