More Requirements For The Nicaraguans

Friday, April 05 2013 @ 03:15 pm EDT

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The National Immigration Service (SNM) established the new requirements for Nicaraguan citizens to enter Panama through the border posts of Paso Canoas, Río Sereno and Guabito.

The new measures were established in Resolution No. 5237 of April 2nd, which was published yesterday in the Official Gazette No. 27,259.

Nicaraguans that enter Panama through the border posts should submit the original and copy of their passport which will be valid for at least three months, have a visa to enter Costa Rica and provide proof of sufficient funds in an amount not less than $ 500.

This credit can be demonstrated by cash or a credit card account with the statement account reflecting available balance.

Nicaraguan travelers must present land passage to return to their country of origin or residence, while residents in Panama must present their current ID and valid passport with at least three months of validation. (Siglo)

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