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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:47 pm EDT

Fishermen Lost At Sea For 27 Days

Boats and SailingThe families of five fishermen missing since 2 March 2013, asked for help to find them.

They stated that the fishermen sailed on a vessel named the "Reina Elizabeth" from La Chorrera to the island of San Miguel and the last time they had communication with them was on 5 March 2013.

Domingo Guerra, age 50 and the boat captain, Gregorio Torres, 57 year old mechanic, Víctor Ballester, 34 year old marine, Carlos Samaniego, 28 year old assistant crew, and Abigail Rosales, 52 year old marine. These are the missing sailors.

The family explained that Guerra, captain of the ship, contacted them and reported that the engine was failing, so the family asked them to return, but after that, they were able to repair the engine and reach the island of San Miguel.

After 17 days of being gone, his family sensed something was wrong, so they decided to take action on the matter and tried to communicate with them by calling them, but all cellphones went directly to voice mail.

Yesterday, the families asked the National Maritime Service (Senan) not to stop the search, as the families have faith that they are still alive and want them to return home safely.

They believe that any help they can offer to find them, even to search for them in international waters, would be of great benefit for them to be back in their homes.

Meanwhile, Osvaldo Guerra, director of the Marine Technical Association of Panama, said that international organizations are asking that if you have any information regarding the castaways, to please communicate with the Panamanian authorities.

He added that the search is not going to stop. (Dia A Dia)

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