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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:32 pm EDT

Missing Sailors Are On Their Way Back Home

Boats and Sailing"They're alive!" were the words that rang in the ears of Abenicia Meléndez, wife of Captain Domingo Guerra, receiving a phone call from Eustorgio Ortiz, owner of the Queen Elizabeth vessel, in which five sailors were lost at sea for more than one month.

"The anxiety of not knowing anything of my husband was extremely frustrating, but I never lost hope of finding him alive. I stayed strong to encourage my children, especially Gabriel Guerra, my 16 year old son, who was most affected by what happened, to the point that he fell into a state of depression" said Abenicia. "On Monday night when I got the call, knowing that my husband was Okay, made my soul came back to me" she said.

Abenicia said yesterday morning, when she managed to talk to her husband, that her husband told her not to worry, the anxiety was over and they were fine.

In addition, he explained that the boat had mechanical problems, but that he would soon come back to be together with her and their kids once again.

But this story still has a bad side to it in the home of Víctor Ballester, since his wife, Alejandra Ramea, with her 8 month old baby in her arms, waits for a phone call from her husband. Even though the anxiety is not the same anymore, since she knows he is Okay, the concern continues, because he's still on board the boat which is adrift 80 miles from Ecuador.

Alejandra explained that all those days were very frustrating and everything she did reminded her of her husband. Watching her daughter was the only thing that gave her strength to continue to have faith that he was still alive and would return to see his daughter grow up.

DIAaDIA went to the home of Domingo Guerra and Victor Ballester and the emotions were quite different. In the first home there was happiness flowing, but in the second home there was only concern and worry, even if they knew he was alive. Not being able to talk to him put his family in distress.

Meanwhile, the family of Carlos Samaniego is grateful to God, because they know he is safe and that they will be seeing him soon. His wife, when she received the word, prayed to God as her mother fainted.

The vessel was found near Isla Perla in Ecuador, which is currently 600 miles south of Panama, in a bordering area between Colombia and Ecuador, with three people on board, these being Gregorio Torres, Víctor Ballester and Abigaíl Rosales.

This vessel sailed on 2 March 2013, from the port in Juan Díaz to fish in the Gulf of Panama, with provisions for 19 days, but since before leaving the boat had mechanical problems, they were not able to leave until the 5th of that same month and that was the last time they reported.

These fishermen should have returned on 14 March 2013. By not doing so, the families reported the disappearance and after 26 days they received the news of them being found.

The National Air Service (Senan), by Rex López, director of AN-41 Search of the institution, explained that from the moment the alert was received of the disappearance of the vessel, they began searching, alerting all patrols who were in national waters, and since they could not find the vessel, they proceeded to seek international cooperation, which gave a positive result. (Dia A Dia)

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