ANAM Starts Investigation Of Forest Fires In Boquete

Tuesday, April 16 2013 @ 03:24 PM UTC

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Mauricio Fuentes,The administrator of the National Environmental Authority(ANAM) in the province of Chiriquí, confirmed they have opened an investigation of the environmental crimes due to the burning of twelve acres of land in Boquete in the area of the National Park in Volcán Baru.

Sources said the investigation began after a brief report was given to the Fire Department in Boquete about the fire, this fire consumed twelve acres of native trees, pine trees, stubble and coffee plantations in the area.

The ANAM Regional Administrator said staff will also undertake an investigation for alleged environmental damage and other areas near the zone where the fire occurred and in the area of Las Huacas, which also reported a forest fire.

Ten wildfires have been recorded so far this year in areas near La Amistad of Cerro Punta and the National Park in Volcán Baru, also in Boquete and Volcan, fires which have consumed more than 500 acres of forests and many trees. (TVN)

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