Lake Bayano Reservoir Keeps Lowering

Thursday, May 09 2013 @ 04:27 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

The reservoir of Lake Bayano continues to lower and we were yesterday, 8 May 2013, only 1.90 meters to reach the minimum threshold.

Yesterday, at 11:40 am, it was at 51.90 meters above sea level and the minimum operating level is 50.00 meters.

According to ETESA, the driest year in recorded history of Lake Bayano was on 28 April 1983, in which the lowest level was 50.70 meters.

The effects of the lack of rain plaguing East Panama and other areas start to show the damages.

Low levels have brought their consequences: drought, low river flows, afected planting and harvesting and even aquatic species have appeared dead at the scene. (MiDiario)

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