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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 04:37 PM UTC

Tokyo Displays Calligraphy Exhibition To Commemorate The Pacific Ocean's Discovery

History & ReferenceAn calligraphy exhibition about the travel journal of the Spanish discover Vasco Nunez de Balboa and a conference on the importance to this date of his quest were part of the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Pacific Ocean.

The halls and classrooms of the Cervantes Institute of Tokyo evoke the great adventure of Nunez de Balboa (1475-1519), the first European to reach Panama and open trade routes to the Far East in 1513.

The exhibition, made by a Japanese calligraphy school, is reviewing with great detail through numerous charts the explorer’s itinerary until his arrival at the American continent and the conquest of the isthmus.

In addition, to commemorate its 500th Anniversary, a conference was organized in which the Spanish historians Abasolo Antonio Garcia and Miguel Luque were participating, as well as the expert Panamanian Ritter Diaz.

"The important thing is to show the Japanese the relevance of this great discovery from the European perspective; the moment they arrive to an unknown universe," explained Efe Ritter.

The discovery, which led to the birth of Panama, a country where the local currency keeps the name of its conqueror, confirms the importance of this historical fact to this day", Japan being the fourth Panama Canal user, said the Panamanian ambassador in Japan, Jorge Kosmas Sifaki.

Regardless of the explanations, the conference will include images with maps to explain to the Japanese public Nunez de Balboa’s trip and projections of the presence of this historical event in Panama’s history up to this day.

Meanwhile, Luque, general secretary of the Spanish Association of Studies in the Pacific and the Spanish Association of Americanists, explained the importance of the discovery for Spain and analyzed Nunez de Balboa’s figure as the leader of the conquest of America and its relationship with Indians. (Panama America)

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