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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 11:14 AM UTC

Nine Countries Will Participate in The 10th International Guitar Meeting of Panama

EntertainmentYoung artists from nine countries will participate in the 10th International Guitar Meeting of Panama, which will be held from the 10th to the 16th of June, this was reported today by the Guitar Association of Panama (AGUIPAN).

The classical guitar contest will have three scenarios, the National Theater of Panama, in Panama city, the city of Santiago in Veraguas and Boquete, indicated by a statement from AGUIPAN.

To remain faithful to the tradition, as part of the 10th International Guitar Meeting, Panama 2013, master classes will be delivered by the artists, as well as lectures and other cultural exchanges aimed at students.

The AGUIPAN, a nonprofit organization that works "to spread the love for classical guitar music in Panama, together with the National Institute of Culture (INAC), we will undertake the tenth edition of this festival which is already renowned national and internationally," he says.

"For two decades, when we were young, we had high hopes of opening a space for the classical guitar in the national cultural field," said the president and artistic director of AGUIPAN, Emiliano Pardo-Tristan.

He added "for years, the International Guitar Meeting has been an impressive showcase of our genre which also promotes every year the national culture and raises the musical level of the students and audience in Panama."

The nine countries represented at the meeting this year will be: Germany, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, USA, Kosovo, Panama and Russia.

Among the guitarists who will participate are the German Matthias Lang, the American Max Zuckerman, the Russian Piotr Pakhomkin, the Croatian Ana Vidovic, the Chilean Christian Galvez, the Kosovar Petrit Ceku and the Colombian-Panamanian Steven Campos. (Panama America)

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