Smog affecting lack of rain

Thursday, May 16 2013 @ 12:57 PM UTC

Contributed by: sllucas1

Smog along the Pan American Highway In David, Chiriqui affecting warm air from reaching Pacific ocean to form rain clouds.

My hat goes off to President Martinelli for the infrastructure he is developing to attract industry that will give jobs to all those school children you see waiting on buses.

Panama now has a water emergency. It also has a lot of smog between the mountains and the ocean along the Pan American Highway do to the lack of smog control on the vehicles that are creating it. The smog does not allow all the warm air to get to the ocean to mix with the cold water and form rain clouds that come ashore and give us the much needed rain Panama needs.

It is time for the Government to make laws to require vehicles to have catalytic converters and mufflers that are factory equipment. The glass pack mufflers are loud and contribute to pollution. The Boquete buses are some of the worst offenders.

Five years ago you could see Boca Grande and the Islands and water as you drove down from Boquete. Now they are hardly visible. It will only get worse as time goes by.

If those laws are on the books they need to be enforced. If emission control laws are not passed and enforced Panama will look like Mexico City which has a worse smog problem than Los Angeles, which has less smog since they made laws to control emissions from vehicles.

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