Educating The Population About Homosexuality

Sunday, May 19 2013 @ 12:36 pm EDT

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Members of the Association of New Men and Women of Panama (AHMNP) conducted yesterday afternoon in the Plaza de 5 de Mayo a leafleting to educate the population of Panama about the myths of homosexuality.

According to Ricardo Beteta, president of the association, the leafleting is a way to join the activities carried out against homophobia, as May 17 is the International Day of Homophobia.

'This activity is to make citizens aware about the taboos existing in society about homosexuality' said Beteta.

Among the myths of homosexuality, according to Beteta, is considering lesbianism, transgender and homosexuality as unnatural, and considering it as a mental illness and saying the HIV is a punishment from God for this new population. 'We demand the same respect other citizens receive, said the leader.

He said the leafleting is also a prelude of the march that will take place on Saturday, June 29, called 'Gay and Proud.

Beteta requested the Government to do something for this population, as there is still discrimination against this group.

According to the leader, in 2010 they handed over to the National Assembly a bill for non-discrimination based on sexual orientation, but this process is stuck. They asked the delegates to discuss this topic.

According to Nelva Reyes, from the Meeting Point of Women, the activity to educate Panamanians is just and necessary for society to tolerate this group. (Siglo)

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